PCD Pharma Franchise Frequently Asked Questions

PCD Pharma Franchise Frequently Asked Questions – One of the most preferable businesses nowadays is The pharma franchise business. Having so much in demand, it is still being misunderstood by many people and they ought to have some questions crossing their minds like how to start a pharma franchise business. and much more. In today’s blog, we are going to cover the topic of PCD Pharma Franchise Frequently Asked Questions

Having an interest in doing a particular kind of business is what is required in the first place along with having the passion of carrying it very well but living in uncertainty regarding the same is not acceptable. But one need not worry as we have covered all of the basic PCD Pharma Franchise Frequently Asked Questions below. All the PCD FAQs that are covered are brought to you after doing lots of research and surveys. 

List Of PCD Pharma Franchise FAQ

Having uncertainties in mind can create havoc in the mind of the investor especially if it is regarding the pharma franchise business in India. Several stages are there involved in doing the Franchise business and each of them needs to be understood by the individual who is willing to do it. So without any further ado take a look at the PCD Pharma Franchise Frequently Asked Questions.

1. What Is PCD Pharma Franchise?

A PCD Pharma Franchise is a business model in the pharmaceutical industry where a pharmaceutical company grants licenses to distributors or franchisees. These licenses allow the franchisee to promote, distribute, and sell the company’s medications within a specific territory.

Here’s an example:

  • Imagine a well-established pharmaceutical company, “Doctris Life Sciences,” which manufactures over 200 different types of medications.
  • Doctris Life Sciences decides to expand its reach by offering PCD franchises.
  • You can approach Doctris Life Sciences and acquire a PCD franchise agreement.
  • This agreement would authorize you to market and sell Doctris Lifesciences’ medications in your designated area, let’s say, Ludhiana City.
  • You would be responsible for promoting the medications to doctors, clinics, and pharmacies within Ludhiana.
  • In return for your marketing and sales efforts, you would earn a profit margin on every Doctris Life Sciences medication you sell.

2. Are There Any Specific Sales Target To Be Achieved?

In many pharma companies, no specific sales target is given to the franchise holder but there are some instances wherein the company may ask the linked partner to complete it. The sales target when given may be every month, quarterly basis, or in rare cases every year.

3. How Much Investment Is Required To Start A PCD Pharma Franchise?

Investing in the pharma franchise doesn’t require a huge amount of investment to be made. One can begin it by putting in a nominal amount of money. The investor needs a place to start his pharma franchise business and then he will need to get the pharma products from his parent company which later on will be sold by him. No doubt that exceptions are always there and hence some companies may specifically ask the pharma partner to come and invest a huge amount of money as an investment to be made. 

4. What Is Different In A Monopoly-Based Pharma Franchise?

All of us being an investor want to operate in such an environment where the competition is quite less so that we earn a stable amount of profit in the coming times. Monopoly right is what makes it possible for those who want to do the same under this right the parent company allots a particular area to their pharma associates in which they will be doing their business. Mostly it is given on a state-wide basis. 

5. What To Look For In A Company To Get Linked With For Pharma Franchise Business?

Another common PCD Pharma Franchise FAQ consists of factors that one needs to look for before getting linked with a pharma company for a pharma franchise business. There are several companies that offer the same kind of formulations to their associates that’s why it becomes the duty of the investor to look for some basic characteristics that the company must have that are mentioned below.

  • Choose the company that exclusively deals in products approved by DCGI & FSSAI.
  • Also, ensure that it offers a wide range of pharmaceuticals.
  • The offered products must be made available at a very fair rate.
  • Ask if they follow the rules laid by WHO, and GMP for production purposes.
  • See if they offer monopoly-based pharma franchise opportunities or not.
  • Tend to ask for some samples of their offerings before finalizing.

6. What Is The Scope Of A PCD Pharma Franchise Business?

People tend to think about what prospects the Pharma Franchise Business will offer them if they invest in it. To know the answer to this PCD Pharma Franchise FAQ, take a look at the following points.

  • The rate at which the pharmaceutical market is growing is around 15% over the last 5 years.
  • The pharma sector holds a reputable position in the overall economy.
  • Due to the rising number of diseases and various health ailments, the demand for pharma drugs is rising constantly.
  • Almost all individuals face some kind of common health issue in their day-to-day lives. That’s why investing in the pharma business will also give you a chance to serve people.

7. What Are The Requirement To Attain The Franchise Of The Pharma Company In India?

Doing any kind of business or joining hands with any kind of business asks for some legal formalities as well as some form of paperwork and the pharma business is no exception. Following are some of the points that brief about it. 

  • One needs to attain a GST number as it is a must for all forms of business nowadays.
  • The investor also needs to have a drug license to deal with medicines, which must be attained by the state drug controller.
  • The investor also needs to have a TIN(Taxpayer Identification Number).

8. What’s The Difference Between PCD Franchise And The Pharma Franchise?

The main difference that lies between the two modes of business is the size. PCD works in a much smaller area with less investment on the other hand pharma franchise ones work in comparatively large areas. The investment involved in it is thus more with having large areas of operations and specific targets are also given.

9. Who Can Apply For Attaining The Franchise Of A Pharma Business?

Any individual who has a pharma background can apply for the pharma business. But he must have an adequate experience in sales related to the pharma sector. Some companies won’t ask for relevant experience in the pharma sector and can give some individuals the opportunity.

10. What Certification The Pharma Company Must Follow For Manufacturing Pharma Products?

WHO stands for World Health Organisation and has taken responsibility for looking after the health of citizens across the world. In this way, it puts a vision on every small to even large-scale organization that is engaged in the production and distribution of pharma or food-related products. 

GMP consists of Goods Manufacturing Practices that ensure the quality of pharmaceutical products as per the rules and regulations. All pharma companies are required to follow them to have a reputable name in the pharma sector. 


The number of questions that may cross the mind of the investor is so many hence they must go through all PCD Pharma Franchise FAQs to gain complete knowledge. We hope that all the information that we have given in this blog regarding the PCD Pharma Franchise FAQ was helpful to you in some manner.

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