Doxylamine, Pyridoxine and Folic acid Tablets
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Doxylamine, Pyridoxine and Folic acid Tablets

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Doxylamine, Pyridoxine, and Folic Acid tablets are combination medications that are commonly used to treat nausea and vomiting in pregnant women. This also helps manage morning sickness and dizziness. Doxylamine is an antihistamine that helps to reduce nausea and vomiting by blocking histamine. Histamine is a neurotransmitter that causes nausea and vomiting. Pyridoxine known as Vitamin B6, helps to regulate the level of neurotransmitters in the brain that are causing nausea in the body. Folic Acid is essential for the proper development of the baby’s neural tube, which is important for the proper development of the spinal cord and brain. 

How to Use Doxylamine, Pyridoxine and Folic Acid Tablets?

Doxylamine, Pyridoxine and Folic Acid Tablets are prescribed by healthcare professionals for pregnant women. They will provide you with the proper dosage, administration, and course duration of these tablets. Doxylamine, Pyridoxine and Folic Acid Tablets are usually given in 6th week of pregnancy and the course duration may last up to 16 to 18 weeks. It is important to follow your doctor’s prescription and precautions to experience more effective results.

Expert’s Advice for Pyridoxine, Doxylamine and Folic Acid Tablets

  • Do not self-administrate Doxylamine, Pyridoxine and Folic Acid Tablets.
  • Do not drive or do any concentration-required work after taking this medicine as it may cause dizziness. 
  • It is recommended to take it without a meal to experience effective results.
  • Breastfeeding women should not take Doxylamine, Pyridoxine and Folic Acid Tablets. 
  • Do not take any other medication without asking your healthcare provider.
  • Keep the medicine out of the reach of children. 
  • Take it orally with a whole glass of water or as per your doctor’s prescription. 
  • If you have any medical history or any diseases, inform your doctor before starting the medication. 

What Are The Side Effects Of Doxylamine, Pyridoxine And Folic Acid Tablets?

  • This medicine may cause sleepiness or dizziness
  • You may experience fatigue or restlessness
  • Dryness in the mouth or nose and throat
  • It may cause Muscle pain or weakness
  • You may feel stomach pain and constipation

Frequently Asked Questions

What is doxylamine pyridoxine and FOLIC ACID tablets used for?

Doxylamine pyridoxine and folic acid tablets are used to treat nausea and vomiting in pregnancy. 

Is doxylamine pyridoxine safe for pregnancy?

Yes, doxylamine is safe for pregnancy, it does not affect the pregnancy. 

Does pyridoxine affect the baby?

Pyridoxine helps to reduce the causing of nausea and not affect the baby. But in rare chances, it may cause decreased birth weight of the baby.  

Why pyridoxine is given during pregnancy?

Pyridoxine is used to treat vitamin B6 deficiency in pregnant ladies. 

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